The Dripper Game

Try to survive the night with "the dripper" and help jared and james survive aswell.

Story Time!↓

Jared and James walked home from Jame's house at 7:30PM then they thought they should have a sleepover together. They arrived at Jared's house. They were in his room and thought how cool it would be if they stayed up all night. it was 7:45PM when they decided that was a good idea. Jared and James were playing chess till 11:00PM, they were starting to get hungry so they decided to get some snacks in the kitchen. They were eating until about 11:30PM, they started to get a little sleepy so they get out some soda,Mountain dew, Jared's favorite! The mountain dew definetily kicked up their caffine levels and they were giggling,joking,and being was 11:45 so they knew they needed to be quiet in order to not wake anybody else up in the house... and not to wake "it" up.5 MINUTES LATER.... Jared and James have no idea what is supposed to happen. they think this is just going to be a normal sleepover. "The dripper" has been watching all children's sleepovers for decades. To Be Continued Survive and make sure you won't be "dripping" on the fullmooned sleepover....↓

The Dripper

You have died 0 times!

Play the dripper Controls: James: hold down space bar and move mouse.Jared:hold down the down arrow key and move mouse. Click the dripper and the monsters to survive!

Guess a number between 1 & 100 to keep your life!↓

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