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Languages: English, Shona, Ndebele, Tswana, Xhosa, Venda, Chewa, Isonga, Tonga, Southern Sotho

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Zimbabwe's Seasons FOR REAL!!! ;) ↓ ♥

You are here because you know nothing about Zimbabwe. But that's okay because this website teaches you about Zimbabwe. First of all, this website is about the seasons of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is on both the eastern and western hemisphere. ♥ The earth is at a 23.5 degree angle causing different seasons. Zimbabwe is a land locked country. Image result for seasons

January,Febuary,March,and April ♥

January,Febuary,March,and April are wet warm months for Zimbabwe. It's Autumn in those months. This time is best for farming because the rain waters their plants for them. ♥ Image result for zimbabwe's autumn

May,June,July,and August ♥

These months are winter for Zimbabwe. The tempurtures are usually around 40 degrees fahrenheit (or 6 degrees celcius). Farmers usually sell their crops and plan what to grow for the upcoming year.♥ ભ Image result for zimbabwe winter

September,October,November,December ♥

This is spring and summer in Zimbabwe. September and October are when it starts warming up (spring). November and December are hot(summer). They usually like to go to the hot springs.♥

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Summer Activities in Zimbabwe

Go to the pools, National parks, Victoria Falls, Tours!

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Winter Activities :(

They usually stay inside or play with the snow :)

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Indepence Day,April 18 Workers Day, May 1 Africa Day, May 25 Boxing Day, December 26 Unity Day, December 22

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FUN FACTS: Victoria falls is located in zimbabwe! The noise from victoria falls can be heard from 40 kilometers away!!!!! Lake Kariba, the biggest man-made lake in the world is in zimbabwe next to the border! In Zimbabwe names of brands don't matter every tooth paste is called colgate and every soft drink is called coke! About 90% of zimbabwe is educaded! Zimbabwe translated means " bigg houses of stone"! Zimbabwe used to be a british country!